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We are an established reputable brand name in the dental industry with vast experience in the latest dental treatment options, dental plans and use of high technologies in provision of quality dental treatment to our patients. 

Our professional services range from free consultation,  personalised dental treatment, friendly prices, payment plans to suit your needs can always be discussed as well as regular treatment reviews

SFO Target Criminal Dividends
The Serious Fraud Office has won a landmark case that will see foreign-earned incomes that involve criminal activity confiscated by the SFO. Investors are therefore warned that they should familiarise themseleves with those they invest into. To read more.....

Innovative Services:
PiP Dental is at the forefront of establishing a benchmark of easy to access dental treatment for patients including but not limited to Zoom teeth whitening, tooth restoration, Veneers, tooth extraction, accountancy and information technology services. We value feedback from our clients and use the same to make improvement on our service delivery.
We aim at developing the highest level of confidence and loyalty amongst our client group and maintain repeat custom where possible.

Our Emergency Dentist Services
Our experienced on call dentists are understanding and know that sometimes a patient needs urgent treatment out of working hours, something that most dental practices do not offer. The good news is that our dentists are ready to work longer and out of office hours to meet your needs. Our line is open 24/7 and you can always call anytime to make emergency appointment. However, on call charge will be charged to arrange such out of hours appointment.
For more information, please visit our services page.

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed
An Iranian Nuclear scientist has been killed by a nuclear bomb in Tehran. This has created tension between Iran and Israel. To read more....

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