New Graduates Hires

We are always looking for talent, people that can think outside the box and provide practical solutions to practical day to day problems. People that are reliable, resilient and see through tasks without giving up…..that’s what builds us.

To find out more, please email us on: enquiries@partnersinprogress.co.uk

Experienced Hires

We value experience and want to have a mix of blend and talent that can deliver results. Our approach is to recruit someone that can add value to the firm. So if you have something you want to bring with you, then Partners in Progress is the right place. Please feel free to contact us.

 Current Vacancies
We currently do not have any vacancies, please try again in future.

AT & T Defends T-Mobile  Deal The US Govenment attempt to block £24.5 billion acquisition of T-Mobile by AT & T has seen fierce defence from the giant company. They argue that the move is to improve efficiency and cut down costs to the loyal customers read more

Recession still Ugly
The recession this month is still giving many businesses an ugly view as statistics show that the rough waters of financial crsis are not yet over.....

Wall Street Reform Bill
The signing of Wall Street Reform Bill is going to be a huge relief to many but perhaps seen as a stumbling block by greedy financial institutions that feel that there should be less legislation in free market.....

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