ZOOM Laser Teeth Whitening Offers

Our team are offering to our first time clients to join us during this year an introduction offer to ZOOM Teeth Whitening services starting from:

                    £ 299.00

Call us now to take advantage of this offer (Terms and Conditions apply)

Smile Make Over

Have yourself fitted with quality dental veneers often used in the famous smiles of famous celebrities. Our experience, combined with our dedication to friendly service really sets PiP Dental apart, allowing us to create your perfect smile while making you feel relaxed and at ease every step of the way. Take advantage of this offer (Terms and Conditions apply)


AT & T Defends T-Mobile Deal: The US Government attempt to block £24.5 billion acquisition of T-Mobile by AT & T has seen fierce defence from the giant company. They argue that the move is to improve efficiency and cut down costs to the loyal customers read more

Recession still Ugly
The recession this month is still giving many businesses an ugly view as statistics show that the rough waters of financial crisis are not yet over.....

Invisalign Technology

Get a great and health smile without people noticing what you have put on. For more information, please visit here

Fractured Tooth

The treament of a fractured tooth depends on the degree of its injury.   But whatever the degree of damage might be, you should see a dentist to get the appropriate treament.   Do not panic because it is easy to restore a fractured tooth.  But if it feels painful, try to avoid biting in that area or eating hot or cold foods for the mean time.


Wall Street Reform Bill
The signing of Wall Street Reform Bill is going to be a huge relief to many but perhaps seen as a stumbling block by greedy financial institutions that feel that there should be less legislation in free market.....

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